Retaining Wall Rocks

Retaining walls are not only a beautiful addition to a landscaped yard, they also play a critical role in erosion control and soil stability. They are ideal for any home or yard, and with the right materials, they can offer both aesthetic beauty as well as function.

Retaining Rock Walls for Support

The primary reason that people install retaining walls is to protect from erosion on steep slopes or hills. If your home is at the top of a hill a retaining wall can ensure that the soil doesn’t erode from your yard over time, which could even put the structure of your home at risk if the erosion was severe enough over time. Homes at the bottom of a hill can benefit from a retaining wall that protects against slow erosion over time, or dangers like mudslides after a high-volume snow year or during a significant rainstorm. They offer a level of protection to stabilize the soil and protect your home, your property, and your family.


Retaining Rock Walls
for Aesthetics

In addition to offering protection, many people prefer rock retaining walls to other materials—such as concrete—because they are more aesthetically appealing. You can choose from a wide variety of rock materials at R.A. Johnson Excavating & Rock to get a retaining wall that matches the look and feel of your home and enhances the overall appeal of your yard. The natural stone can be the focal point for the yard or could blend into the surrounding landscape easily when you add other features around it.

Retaining Rock Walls for Functional Yard Design

Retaining walls are the perfect way to turn a sloped yard into a functional space that you can use. Taking a steadily sloping yard and dividing it up into “tiers” with retaining walls in between gives you space for gardens, flowers, and grass. The retaining wall allows these to be relatively flat spaces so you can plant other vegetation without worrying that it will erode, plus they make the perfect space for small children to play, for grilling, dining outdoors, and entertaining.


Choose Your Retaining Wall Materials

We offer a large selection of materials for you to choose from when creating a retaining wall for residential or commercial spaces, including:

  • Stone retaining walls
  • Rock retaining walls
  • Boulder retaining walls
  • Garden retaining walls

Come visit our site today to take a look at all the different colors and styles that we have to offer. You can bring your own truck and take it home with you or arrange to have it delivered to your home or other site in and around West Valley City. You won’t find a bigger selection or a better price on retaining wall rocks than at R.A. Johnson Excavating & Rock.

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