Retaining Wall Installation

If you are thinking about installing a retaining wall in your yard, you may be wondering whether you need to hire a professional for retaining wall installation, or if it’s a project you can do yourself.

The answer is: it depends. For relatively small retaining walls that you are planning to install for mostly aesthetic reasons, a DIY enthusiast may be able to get it done on their own. For larger walls, or those that are required to prevent risks of mudslides and other yard erosion, you need someone with knowledge and expertise in erosion and landscape design, as well as all the right tools, which probably means hiring a professional.

Retaining walls are ideal for:

  • Controlling erosion in and around your property
  • Creating a more functional space out of a sloped yard
  • Building a focal point for your landscape design

Why Hire a Professional for Rock Wall Installation

There are several reasons why you should hire a professional to install your rock wall:

  • Experience: professionals who specialize in rock wall installation can identify the correct materials, including the right size rocks, and have expertise with slope preparation for safety and security
  • Speed: someone with the right tools and the right experience who installs rock retaining walls for a living can probably accomplish the task faster than a homeowner who is doing it on the side. If you have a very complex retaining wall project, keep in mind that it may still take a while for a professional to accomplish it, but it will still be faster than doing the same complex project yourself.
  • Materials: professional rock retaining wall installers from R.A. Johnson Excavating & Rock have access to the highest quality materials so you know you are getting the best possible rocks and stones to create your wall.
  • Knowledge: most homeowners—even those that like a good DIY project—don’t have a lot of experience with soil mechanics and building codes. Without this information you could build a retaining wall that isn’t adequate to control erosion in your yard, or doesn’t meet building codes in your area. When that happens you may end up hiring a professional anyway, negating any time or money savings that you could have achieved by trying to do it yourself.

Call Our Team for Rock Wall Installation

Our experienced team of professionals has a thorough knowledge and understanding of how to build retaining walls for any reason, both aesthetic and functional. We will work with you to plan the wall, choose the right materials, create drainage channels, and avoid some of the common mishaps that homeowners experience when they try to do it on their own. We can also work with you on all the necessary building permits to ensure that it meets local codes for safety and quality.

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