Gravel Sales & Delivery

Gravel is one of the most versatile components of a landscaping project, and we have a wide variety of residential gravel available to get your yard started. Whether you are looking for granular or pea gravel to act as a base, or something larger like pebble-size gravel for more of a finished look, we can help.

Benefits of Gravel
for Landscaping

Many people think exclusively about greenery when they think about landscaping, and those trees, grass, and plants are certainly going to be important to get you the yard you have always dreamed about. Before you even begin, though, you should examine how gravel and crushed rock can help shape your yard. Gravel offers many benefits for landscaping, including:

  • An ideal base for everything from fountains to patio seating areas, with small particles that are easier to shape and flatten, and have a more uniform look than landscaping rocks or mulch
  • The ability to customize the look with decorative, colorful, and ornamental pea gravel and pebble gravel that adds aesthetic beauty to any landscape
  • Far more affordable prices than some other landscaping alternatives, giving you the flexibility to try some new things or splurge in other areas
  • Virtually no maintenance or upkeep—no watering, mowing, or weeding—so you can kick back and enjoy your yard instead of spending all your time trying to maintain it
  • Keeps pests like insects and rodents from overtaking your yard and helps control water flow and soil erosion over time

Driveway Gravel

Another place many homeowners use gravel is for driveway applications and other construction. Whether you are using the driveway gravel just as a base and plan to pave over it, or you are planning to leave it unpaved, we have gravel for sale and can also deliver it to your home or construction site. Gravel is one of the best options for creating a safe, effective surface to drive on without the expense of asphalt or other paving. Driveway gravel is also one of the most common types of material people use because it is:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in a wide variety of shades and colors
  • Easy to install with the help of an experienced grade operator
  • One of the most affordable options
  • Safe for all types of vehicles to drive on, and can eliminate mud and reduce the chance of flooding on your driveway
  • Environmentally friendly because it’s a permeable surface that allows water through, replenishing groundwater and avoiding the need for other stormwater management efforts

Other than the need to top-dress the gravel every few years, a gravel driveway will require very little maintenance if you use quality gravel and install it correctly.

Get Your Driveway
Gravel Today

We have a wide range of diverse gravel and crushed stone styles. Come see us at R.A. Johnson Excavating & Rock to look at our selection and choose the pea gravel, pebble gravel, or other size rock for paving a driving surface today.


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